Ventures Marketing Group provides clients with a portfolio of marketing services, designed and integrated to produce effective marketing leverage:
Marketing Consulting • Advertising and Collateral Design • Ad Sales • PR

VMG was formed in 1994 to give clients the ability to
fully leverage creative advertising, design, and public relations program implementation by applying superior strategic marketing planning.

Which way?...Not how fast.

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Remarkable advances in technology - both hardware and software - have made the implementation side of marketing much easier
and far quicker.

Advertisements can be created, brochures designed and printed, commercials shot and edited, web sites coded and published in just a fraction of the time it once took. Unfortunately, this increase in speed and convenience has too often come at the expense of any effective underlying strategy.

The result has been an unfortunate - and often unproductive - focus on action before strategic decisions on direction.

That's why, at VMG we believe "It's the thought that counts."
• Who is the target audience?
• What are our 'points of leverage' with that audience?
• What makes the product or service unique from those of competitors?
• Is this the most persuasive message to communicate our uniqueness?
• How do we best impact and effect
a change in this audience?

In short, how do you maximize the leverage from your marketing investment?

We invite you to use this web site to learn more about VMG and about how we help optimize marketing leverage...through our philosophy, capabilities, examples of client work....and to contact us with any questions you might have.

Or, contact Matt Ross, President, directly at: matt@venturesmarketing.com or 713.417.6857