Telegraphic Graphics

How many times have you seen a generic photo of a pastoral scene or an attractive, smiling person in an ad or on a brochure or website and wondered "What does this image have to do with what they are marketing?"

We wonder the same thing.

Television, print advertising, collateral materials, and web sites all have one thing in common....they have a primary visual component.

But too many advertisers misuse or ignore the fact that these media inherently deliver the primary component of their message through the video, photo, or graphic.

The use of a generic or 'pleasant' image squanders the message and impact potential of what we call a 'telegraphic graphic.'

A telegraphic graphic, one that is memorable and message driven, can and should contribute, support, and enhance the delivery of the message.

For this reason, VMG's development of communications materials always includes a focus on the creation and utilization of a telgraphic graphic.

Below are several examples....

Elegant, supremely fashionable imported silk scarves...a play about awards show for marketers...a logo for school program to help teens make better life decisions...and a brochure promoting secure and integrated seismic data...all benefit from leverage derived from a telegraphic graphic.


Pasted Graphic 2