Leverage Is About Creating Value
Marketing is the sum total of everything you do to initiate and continue conversations with prospects and clients for the purposes of delivering and deriving value.

That said, Marketing Leverage is how and where you apply your resources to produce a result that creates the maximum amount of value.

Most often the desired result is a sale. But, it can also be to change an attitude...or influence an action.

Determining Your Marketing Leverage
The first step in determining your marketing leverage is to identify and analyze your strategic assets. The list might include such assets as:
- Proprietary technology
- Established distribution
- Unique styling
- Reputation

VMG utilizes a "Marketing Leverage Analysis" tool to identify and quantify our clients' sources of effective marketing leverage. Some assets can yield incredible leverage...others, a minimal amount.

Marketing Leverage
All marketing is a search for leverage. The application of resources to generate a disproportionate response is "leverage."

Investing $1 to generate a return of $4 is an example of leverage. Spending $1 to get $1 is not.

Archimedes understood this...he was, perhaps, the first to express it. He said (and we paraphrase), "Give me a lever and a place to stand and I can move the world."

(The First Marketer)

Every marketer who has a competitive product or service has a 'lever.' The challenge comes in how best to use it...where to stand.

Because "It's the thought that counts," we are able to offer our clients highly effective, highly efficient marketing programs that recognize and fully exploit their marketing leverage.